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Are you ready for a total, full body massage? Allow my hands and fingers to work over your body providing a relaxing and sensual touch to your stiff, tired muscles and joints. After a long hard day of work or play, my strong hands can ease those pains and aches away and make you forget your problems for a little while. Just close your eyes and indulge yourself with a little body-pleasure.

If you are an individual or couple looking for an expert massage, look no further. I provide a massage that is balanced between the therapeutic and sensual aspects. You receive not only a massage that is heightened sensually, but also one that meets your therapeutic needs. I am also very adaptable and can provide a more sensual or more therapeutic experience depending on your needs.

My intention for your session is to bring you to high levels of excitement and arousal. Experiencing sensual pleasure is a powerful tool for awakening your whole body. Presence is my greatest skill as a body worker and most of my clients tell me they are amazed by the quality of my touch, presence and the skill I possess in the delivery of my techniques. I believe this comes from my passion for my work.

We pay attention to maintenance of many things in our lives but surely the most important thing to maintain is our mind and body!! I do, and I want the experience to be so enjoyable for you that you will want to tell your friends about the wonderful massage you received.

I serve all races, ages (over 18) and sexual orientations. I am very accommodating to meet the needs of all straight, bi and gay men and women. I also do traditional therapeutic massages, draped or undraped.

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