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LINK to sign-up: www.classifieds.massagebycorbin.com


Note: If you created an ad for voyeur massage in the past you will need to create a new one with this new format.

Have you ever wanted to watch someone receive a massage? or have someone watch you receive a massage? These sessions will be structured the same way a Therapeutic & Sensual/Erotic Massage is performed except there is an opportunity for more active participation from the voyeur. You can sign up to be a "Client", the one who receives the massage or the "voyeur", the one who watches the session.


You can share a massage session with someone you know or someone you meet off the Specialty Classifieds. The fee does not double for two people, only one of you can be massaged at a time, so it's just one fee, you share the cost! The masseur will alternate every 4-5 minutes between the two of you. You can pick your "buddy" to share a session with off the Specialty Classifieds Page. Both participants must be open to mutual nudity and mutual touch.


This type of session will allow "clients" opportunities for more in-call locations (for those clients that can not make it to the downtown in-call location and can't host at their own home). As a "host" you must provide a clean home environment and a bedroom space with a bed with clean sheets and towels or space in a room in your house for a massage table to be set-up. 


Do you like giving massages? If your experienced or an amateur you can sign up to be a 4-Handed massage partner. All 4-handed partners will be compensated for their time based off percent of fee collected from "client". If interested you would need to create a listing on the Specialty Classifieds Page. If a "client" chooses to schedule a session with you as a 4-Handed Massage Partner they will contact the masseur to set up with you.


This session type is being offered due to a high amount of interest from "clients". You don't have to be a pro or even have any experience at giving a massage. If you like to touch and feel the masseur all over then this would be a good option. The time can be structured for you to massage the masseur the entire time of your scheduled session or partial time of scheduled session, it's up to you!

LINK: www.classifieds.massagebycorbin.com